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Property in Thailand

This year's BEST PROPERTY CHOICE is in Kao Tao (Hua Hin)

Property investment in Thailand Investing in Thai Property

Are you considering to invest in property in Thailand? Are you looking for a safe investment with optimal Return on Investment? PROPERTY-ANALYST helps you make the right decision! We currently recommend the Hua Hin area as being the most attractive area for investment. Here are our top ranked investment projects: Kao Takiab house project. Kao Takiab villa, Kao Tao Lake Villas


Financial Decision versus Your Dreams ?


Return on Investment (ROI), Rental income, Appreciation %, Resale value, Maintenance and Management fees, Transaction costs, Foreign exchange rates, Tax issues in foreign investments, Market stability, Growth rates, Interest rate fluctuations, Housing regulations, Ownership issues, Risk factors, Obtain a mortgage for property abroad, etc....




Beach house.... invite the entire family to stay with you....relax on the beach, suntan.... BBQ on the balcony with a few drinks....good restaurants and bars....nice and clean....romantic and exotic....cocktails by the swimming activities for you and your kids....experience a new and exciting culture and lifestyle....good and cheap Thai food....basically just enjoy life to the fullest.

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